About us

About us

The importance of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies' and the Federation's participation in livelihoods programming in emergency response, recovery, rehabilitation and development has been universally recognised.

The IFRC Governing Board welcomed at its May 2007 session the initiative of the Spanish Red Cross (SRC) to develop, with the Federation Secretariat, a comprehensive approach to economic support programmes.

With the approval of the 2020 IFRC Strategy, in November 2009, a four-year programme hosted by the SRC and financed by the Accenture Foundation began with the aim of establishing the IFRC Livelihoods Resource Centre.

On the 25 of November 2010, the IFRC Centre was officially established through an agreement signed between the SRC and IFRC. The Centre is based at the SRC headquarters in Madrid, Spain.


The Mission of the Centre is to assist IFRC members in increasing awareness and use of effective livelihoods programming strategies to enhance community capacity and individuals' skills and practices, which will restore and maintain sustainable livelihoods and economically-secure living conditions.

Strategic Plan 2013-2016

In October 2013 the Strategic Plan 2013-2016 was approved by the Steering Committee of the Centre. This SP will address and guide the action of the Centre in the coming years. Based on the SP, annual plans of action will be elaborated to specify processes and activities to be carried on and how to measure their impact.

Federation policies on Livelihoods

They inspire and orient the action of the Centre. This document reflects the main aspects of these policies: Programming Through a Livelihoods Lens: A Livelihoods Approach for the IFRC.