Community of Practice


The Livelihoods Resource Centre hasn´t got at this stage its own D-Group, but encourage practitioners to engage to the following D-Groups.

The objective of a community of practice is to allow professionals, volunteers and humanitarian actors engaging with a the livelihoods sector to discuss ideas and experiences, share resources and learning, and to foster greater collaboration among organizations to improve livelihoods programming in practice.

The CaLP Discussion Groups (D-Groups) are a set of forums for global discussion of cash based responses and related work in emergencies. The “Discussion Forum” exists in both English and French.

The objective of the Market in Crisis DGroup is to provide space for a broad audience of NGO personnel, donors, consultants, students, researchers, or any interested party to discuss topics specific to markets in emergencies and recovery context. The International Rescue Committee and Oxfam co-facilitate this platform.

This D-Group brings together people committed to work on the issue related to food, agriculture, urbanization and cities.

Place to share learning, raise questions, let people know about new initiatives, documents and events related to urban humanitarian work and foster a dialogue about these issues.

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