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In recent years, there has been a significant effort to develop key indicators and to promote their use by different humanitarian actors and in different coordination fora, such as the Sphere Project, or in thematic groups, such as the gFSC, or the ECHO’s key indicators (KRI, KOI).

Despite considerable progress in the introduction of indicators in other sectors (such as, for instance, water and sanitation, shelter or nutrition), there is still a need in Livelihoods programming to have a set of agreed evidence-based standard programme indicators, which facilitate design of quality projects and, above all, assessment of their impact and effects.

In order to respond to this need the IFRC-Livelihoods Centre (LRC), within the frame of an ECHO-ERC project, has developed two new resources:

  • The list of Key Livelihoods Programme Indicators (outcome level)
  • A Compilation of Livelihood Indicators, classified by different criteria or dimensions.

It should be noted that producing these resources has been the result of a comprehensive process of analysis  of existing resources, combined with a collaborative process involving nearly 30 specialised members of different humanitarian organisations, funders and consultants. They have taken part at different levels, both in the higher-level design and definition, and in sharing documents or reviewing and validating the process and its results .