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The development of this Livelihoods Toolbox is included in an ECHO funded project to enhance, strengthen and optimise the global humanitarian preparedness and response capacities (ERC).

This Livelihoods Toolbox is meant to be a practical resource for livelihoods programming; a dynamic but structured box to facilitate access and understanding to existing tools for the different phases of a livelihoods project.

To consider a toolbox just listing the livelihood tools available, without taking into consideration the holistic overview needed to achieve good programming would have resulted in an incomplete exercise; however, this approach presented a conflict between including already existing toolboxes or just independent tools without linking them. Finally, the halfway solution has been to include independent tools at a low level of the proposed structure as well as existing resources at a higher level.

Practitioners may find different ways of using this toolbox depending on their level of expertise. A practitioner with not much experience in livelihoods programming, may feel that some of the steps are too complicated, while practitioners with experience in complex proposals may think that some of the steps are redundant or too basic; therefore, it is important to acknowledge that this toolbox is aimed at practitioners of all levels.