What are LH?

Livelihoods are the means of making a living; they are the means that allow human beings to construct a living and satisfy their daily needs.

Sustainable livelihoods refer to people’s capacity to generate and maintain their means of living, and enhance their own well-being as well as that of future generations. A livelihood is sustainable when it can cope with and recover from shocks and economic stress, and it can maintain its capabilities and assets without undermining the natural environment.

Sustainable livelihoods increase the resilience of the people and the communities, reducing their vulnerability to disasters, food insecurity and poverty while contributing to their empowermentpersonal dignity and safer and more resilient communities. A livelihood is also a determinant factor in healthy and safe living and the promotion of social inclusion

Large-scale disasters, in addition to the human and material losses, often destroyed or undermine their livelihoods and put into question the future of the survivors. Following a disaster, in the short term it deepens the economic and social vulnerability of the families and could also eroded their capacity to overcome adverse situations in the future. If they can count on sustainable livelihoods, vulnerable populations are in better conditions to confront a crisis and adverse situations and overcome them. They can preserve and enhance their capacities and assets, bring positive benefits to other local livelihoods systems and, in a broader sense, they do it without harm natural resources.

Livelihoods are one of the main components to create RESILIENCE within a household or a community.

Why provide Livelihoods support? In order to facilitate to vulnerable individuals and communities in need, alternatives of means of living, development of personal capabilities and access to opportunities

By ensuring that vulnerable households have sustainable means of living, their incomes, their self esteem, their possession of assets and their social participation will increase significantly over time.

Livelihoods support generates a positive impact in the empowerment of individuals, making it possible to make them leaders of their own development, ensuring self-sufficiency and breaking with dependency dynamics.