What we do

What we do

The Livelihoods Resource Centre is a 'virtual' centre, hosted by the Spanish Red Cross, and its functions largely coordinated and delivered via this website. Its primary function is to support capacity strengthening and disseminate best practices among the National Societies of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

The Centre provides:


  • Knowledge Creation and Sharing. This service aims to analyze and disseminate technical resources and lessons learned on livelihoods programming to National Societies and other institutions working on livelihoods projects. News will be shared about new approaches, methodologies, publications and tools.

  • Capacity Strengthening. This service supports the development of competencies of livelihoods programme staff through on-line and in-person training, as well as to support the creation of tools and guidelines for more predictable and effective programmes.

  • Technical Assistance. Through the Livelihoods Resource Centre, the members of the International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent working in livelihoods will have access to a practitioners network who can share information, and provide advice and technical assistance to improve their projects.

  • Awareness, advocacy and dissemination of policy and strategic approaches, advocating and promoting livelihoods programmes among National Societies.